Meridian Water Station opened this week!

It is the first piece of key infrastructure for the Meridian Water Masterplan in Enfield, ensuring 4 train per hour and a fully accessible pedestrian bridge across the London – Cambridge train line. The new station replaces the previously inaccessible and underused Angel Road Station which was not serving the local community well.

The design and material palette of the station is robust and well crafted, echoing the area’s industrial heritage. The plinth and station buildings are clad in a grey/black engineering brick and heavyweight steel, while the concrete public bridge is covered with an articulated bronze structure which reflects light day and night to act as a beacon and wayfinding device.

Karakusevic Carson led the design with specialist engineering input from Arup and Lewis Hubbard Engineering. The station was enabled by a collaboration between Enfield Council, the GLA, Dft and Network Rail and built by Volker Fitzpatrick.

Karakusevic Carson Architects
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