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'In the Making – New Social Housing Projects'

Following the success of ‘10 Estates’ in Hackney Wick, in 2015 Karakusevic Carson exhibited our work at the RIBA on Portland Place, to bring the story of new public housing to an ever wider public and professional audience.

Reflecting the challenges of building quality housing in a challenging economic climate, this exhibition explored the evolving world of public housing with a focus on design quality, innovation, process, materiality and craftsmanship. We worked with graphic designer Alexander Boxill to design the exhibition and graphics to engage the widest audience possible.

Alongside a set of beautiful models and drawings illustrating new forms and typologies, it featured resources, samples and working elements that sought to bring to life masterplans, building designs, dwelling layouts, construction details, design standards and specifications behind a new generation of local authority projects.

Of the exhibition Paul Karakusevic said: “
This selection of recent design works explains the working processes of Karakusevic Carson Architects. Aiming to tackle the most run-down estates in London, we work with local residents and Local Authority housing teams to deliver a new era of design led, well-built, truly affordable housing that will stand the text of time.”

Local Authorities are now building in numbers not seen for over 40 years. To communicate to a wider public why this is significant this exhibition included a timeline and free publication that took visitors on a brief journey through a history of public housing. At Karakusevic Carson our projects are informed by rigorous historical research and an understanding of the political, social and economics that have and continue to inform our sector today.

Exhibition - April 10 2015 to May 17 2015

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