Meridian Water Strategic Infrastructure and Phase 2

Karakusevic Carson Architects

Enfield Council

The London Borough of Enfield

Scale and use (Strategic Infrastructure):
Primary and secondary roads, 5 bridges, 8ha parkland,
flood alleviation, earthworks and land remediation

Scale, density and use (Phase 2): 
2,300 homes, 193 dph - the first homes to be delivered as part of a wider 10,000 home masterplan

5,500sqm social infrastructure 
26,500sqm commercial
2,000sqm retail

Tenure (Phase 2): 
40% affordable

awaiting planning approval

Karakusevic Carson Architects have been commissioned to design site infrastructure works to unlock the second and future phases of the Meridian Water Masterplan, an ambitious, 82ha mixed-use scheme in the Upper Lea Valley. As lead developer, Enfield Council are steering the vision and delivery of this major project which will form a new district and destination in the city.

Infrastructure works including new roads and bridges will support the delivery of 10,000 homes, as well as comprehensive land remediation, flood mitigation and 8ha of parkland, establishing a strong foundation for sustainable urban expansion and promoting health and leisure. A low-car and low-carbon approach underpins the masterplan design, with a movement network which encourages sustainable travel, prioritising buses, cyclists and pedestrians.

Interventions are being enabled by £156 million pounds of Government HIF funding, and are being led by an expert, multi-disciplinary team with an approach grounded in high-quality placemaking and strategic urban planning, with Karakusevic Carson Architects leading on site masterplanning, infrastructure design and architecture.

Karakusevic Carson Architects

The infrastructure network will improve and extend connections throughout the site and create a vital framework for the Meridian Water Phase 2 and the delivery of 2,300 homes. Presently, the industrial brownfield site is severed by a series of characterless roads, inhibiting vehicle and pedestrian movement at a local and wider level. A new east-west route will be a vital link for the local community between Meridian Water Station, completed in the first phase of the masterplan up to the River Lea and Edmonton Marshes, making the city and nearby green spaces more easily accessible.

As the masterplan develops, the east-west route will become a High Street and focal point for the community, hosting a range of cafes, shops and restaurants to establish the area as successful, mixed-use district. A secondary ‘link’ road connecting Leeside Road to the primary east-west route will improve permeability into the neighbourhood from the south and support the provision of creative maker and workspaces at street level. Tertiary and pedestrian-priority routes will complete the movement network, providing access to the riverside and parks, and will be enhanced by public squares at key intersections and green, playable streets.

Karakusevic Carson Architects
Karakusevic Carson Architects

The placemaking strategy revives and celebrates the site’s natural assets, creating attractive, open green spaces within the neighbourhood and beyond. Pymmes Brook, located at the centre of the second phase will be re-naturalised and its banks opened-up, transforming it into an ecological urban park fully integrated into the public realm, with community spaces and entrances to homes fronting the park and the water.

Physical and visual connections to the River Lee will also be enhanced, through the layout of streets and the orientation of buildings to encourage recreation and travel along the waterside.

Five bridges enable new roads and paths to span the waterways and the railway line, tying together existing and future neighbourhoods. These bridges play a crucial part in the infrastructure and placemaking strategy, combining both high-quality technical and aesthetic design to create a distinctive local character.

The pattern of roads and rivers will inform the configuration, scale and character of buildings in the second phase of the masterplan, resulting in a rich mix of architecture, reflective of London's riverside heritage.

Karakusevic Carson Architects
Karakusevic Carson Architects

Permeable blocks with public courtyards will line the water to the east and north, maximising views and shared green spaces, while blocks with longer, articulated facades provide a continuous active frontage along Brooks Park. Homes of varying tenures including affordable, keyworker and private sale will be woven seamlessly through the scheme to support the economic and social needs of the community and allow the neighbourhood to evolve sustainably as the masterplan develops. 


Urban strategies for Meridian Water are being driven by a firm understanding of how a self-sustaining district needs to function and thrive. Comprehensive infrastructure uniquely grounded in quality placemaking will provide a crucial stimulus for the second and future phase of the masterplan and help to build a strong identity for the emerging area.

Design Team                     

Masterplanning and Architecture: Karakusevic Carson Architects

Landscape Architecture: Periscope

Engineering and Planning: Arup

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