St Raphael's Estate Masterplan

Karakusevic Carson Architects

Brent Council

The London Borough of Brent

Scale and type:
21.4ha estate renewal masterplan re-providing better quality homes, public realm and civic infrastructure

The renewal of the St Raphael’s Estate in the London Borough of Brent will bring forward a greater number of higher-quality council homes for the community, connected by well-planned, shared public spaces and civic uses, fully accessible to all. 

With 500 council homes on the estate across a mix of dwelling types, it is a major renewal project which has been guided by a fully collaborative and communicative co-design and engagement process with the estate community and local council. Our shared ambitions are to create neighbourhood proposals that improve the quality of housing, public realm and meet the aspirations of the people who live there. 

Karakusevic Carson Architects
Karakusevic Carson Architects

A project of such scale, complexity and sensitivity requires a unique kind of masterplanning and engagement approach. Working closely with the community, we created different masterplan options for both infill and full re-development, and a comprehensive and deliverable Design Code, comprised of key architectural and strategic neighbourhood principles to ensure design quality and intent are retained throughout all phases of the masterplan. 

The aspirations and community vision for the scheme are clear, and inclusive of the delivery of better-quality homes, with a focus on affordable and family dwellings, enhanced green play areas and the provision of well-planned,
well-overlooked private and communal spaces.

An important focus for us has been how to engage effectively with such a large and long-standing community in an interesting and productive way, providing a platform for in-depth discussions about the future design of the neighbourhood. An extensive programme of design workshops to review and test masterplan options have sought to empower residents over the future changes to their neighbourhood and create socially responsive urban and architectural solutions.

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